Kickstart Your New Year

Help online health and wellness entrepreneurs kickstart 2021 right with their business and add NEW people onto your email list!

Want to be part of our special Kickstart Your New Year Giveaway event? Here you'll learn what it takes to become one of our fabulous contributors. If you like what you see, apply below.

Lynn Neville
Hello there! I’m Lynn Neville and I'll be your host for this giveaway. My goal is to help health and wellness business owners transform from overwhelmed to thriving entrepreneur.

I bet you have a similar passion to help others in your business which is why...

I’d love for you to join me, along with a handful of other superstar ‘boss ladies’ as we gear up for an amazing giveaway event that is sure to be a win-win for your fans and for you!

The beauty of this concept is that you get to boost your karma, AAAAAND your email subscription list - BIG time and without spending a penny (assuming you can set up a quick opt-in page)!

Interested? You’ll find all the juicy details below. And if you have any questions, just shoot them on over to

If you think you've got what it takes for our participants to LOVE you and all the tools you have to share with them, I hope you’ll join us!


P.S. Wanna to learn more about me? You’ll find all the details about me here.

I'm guessing you are a coach, mentor, or strategist who wants to....

Grow Your Email List

Grow Your Email List
You want to grow your email list and this is the perfect time to kickstart 2021 with some NEW people on your email list!

Be Part of a Great Event

Be Part of a Great Event
Let's be real: Giveaways are hot and you want to be in one with your peers in the industry. You also want a chance to win some prizes.

Help Others

Help Others
You run a heart-centered business with a goal of helping as many people as you can by sharing what you have to offer.

I'm teaming up with 20+ coaches, mentors, and leaders (like YOU!) to help health and wellness entrepreneurs kickstart 2021 right to make it their best year enjoying a growing business that supports a life they love!

I want YOU on board if you help health and wellness entrepreneurs to:

  • Use social media marketing that generates leads AND builds a following
  • Build funnels so they are following a step by step system or roadmap with confidence
  • Develop chatbots to grow their email list and easily convert leads into clients
  • Get their launch together so they can launch their course and/or program
  • Have webinars for to attract more potential clients AND make sales
  • Book sales calls to jumpstart their 1-on-1 coaching packages
  • Host 5 day challenges as a list builder AND a money maker
  • Stand out with amazing branding so they don't blend in with everyone else
  • Write killer copy that makes their clients fall in love them at first glance
  • Go live on Facebook to gain more visibility and leads in their business
  • Get their first book published and become an Amazon bestseller
  • Script out their videos so they feel confident being on camera
  • Host a podcast or a show to connect with their audience and generate leads for their business
  • Use Facebook Groups to attract clients and sell out their offer to potential clients
  • Hook clients with effective storytelling in their messaging and brand
  • Manage their time and be more productive so they can be more effective and efficient in their business
  • Develop a money mindset to ensure that money blocks don't hold them back while getting clients
  • Help them practice self care to take better care of themselves and be better for their clients

Here's what you can expect by participating in the Kickoff the New Year Giveaway...

Kickstart 2021 Right

Kickstart 2021 RIGHT!
Help health and wellness entrepreneurs kickstart the new year right in their business and add fresh, NEW people to your email list.

Rotating Gift + Daily Promo

Rotating Gift + Daily Promo
You'll never be stuck on the bottom in THIS giveaway! Everyone gets a chance at the top. Also, there will be daily traffic towards the giveaway.

Professional Copy & Images

Professional Copy & Images
Swipe copy and images for your email and social media marketing that does more than just grab engagement. We will also have an event hashtag!

I liked everything about the Giveaway Lynn hosted and loved how it was presented. When I did it, I was brand new to the coaching world. This was my first giveaway as a Contributor and I learned a lot. And I grew my email list! I'm excited for the next one!

Jessy G

of CentsibleKeto

I was a contributor in a Giveaway organized by Lynn. She was extremely supportive, very patient, giving, caring and easy to work with. She always answered all my questions right away! It was such a great experience! Thank you Lynn for all your support and help!

Anita D

Holistic Nutrition and Wellness Coach

Everything you need to know and a teeny bit more...


This event is geared towards health and wellness business owners who need your help. They want to have thriving businesses that make a difference for their audience. They're looking for resources to help them kickstart the new year and make it their best year ever.

As an expert in your niche, you’ll win them over with your giveaway gift valued at $100 or more (e.g. a guide, training webinar, mini-course, etc.) that will have them saying, “WOW - I gotta get me more of her!”


If you’ve never been part of a giveaway before, the concept is pretty simple (and genius). It’s entirely up to you WHAT you want to give away...the only ‘rules’ are that your gift is:

  1. Of value ($100 or more)
  2. Not something you are currently giving away free.

It could have been free in the past and you are welcome to give it away free in future, after the event.


It’s all happening online (right here)! I’ll take care of the main giveaway site, including marketing materials. All you need to do is set up an opt-in page on YOUR site, where visitors can access your gift. Test the opt-in, send me the link to the page, along with your gift description, your headshot and bio, and then sit back and enjoy the flood of new subscribers.

Oh and one more VERY important detail: for this giveaway, to be a huge success you need to contact your subscribers at least three times through a solo email (i.e. an email only about the giveaway) and at least three times on social media. You’re welcome to do more, in fact I highly recommend it, but this is the minimum. I don’t like to be militant about it, which is why I always choose participants who I think have integrity and will follow through. So if you decide to join, I’ll take it as a pinkie swear!


The giveaway runs Friday, December 7th - Saturday, December 12th.

Friday, November 13, 2020: last day to join the giveaway

Friday, November 20, 2020: submit headshot, bio (400 characters or less); gift description, graphic and value

Friday, November 20, 2020: submit Contributor Intake Form and URL of your opt-in page with our giveaway logo near the top of the page.

December 3 and at least two more times before December 12, 2020: solo email and social media post promotion of the giveaway. That's a minimum of 3 solo emails and 3 social media posts. I will provide email copy and posts for social media that you are welcome to edit.

Ready to join in? Here's what you need to do:

Step 1
Know the Requirements

Promo Window: December 3-12, 2020

Contributor Fee: $25

Your Email List: Minimum of 100 warm and engaged subscribers. You have been actively emailing your list at least 1 per week for 3+ months and promoted an offer (yours or someone else’s) to your list in the past 3 months.

Commitment: 3 solo emails & 3 social media posts

Immediate Upsells: Upsells to paid programs (or newsletters that contain offers) during the giveaway are not allowed. This also means that you CANNOT make an offer on the thank you page of your free gift or in your funnel. Emails related to the free gift they’ve opted in for and leading up to your launch AFTER the giveaway are ok.

**Tripwires and One-time Offers for $97 or less are allowed during your opt-in process. If it leads to a Discovery/Strategy Session, the session must be conducted AFTER the giveaway is over.**

Step 2
Reserve Your Spot

Reserve Your Spot: Even if you have made a written commitment to myself or my team via email that you’d like to participate, your spot is not secure until you have paid the contributor fee and your intake form has been submitted.

If you reserve your spot and myself or my team feel like your gift is not a match or too similar to another gift, we will work with you to find a solution. If we are unable to find a solution, we will refund your contributor fee.

Step 3
The Intake Form

The Intake Form: As soon as you reserve your spot, you’ll receive an email with a link to the intake form.

Your form must be submitted by Friday, November 20, 2020.

If it is not submitted by this time, your giveaway offer will not be included in the giveaway.

Only 2 spots left! Deadline to join ends in...

Frequently Asked Questions

What the heck is a giveaway event?
+ -

A giveaway event is similar to a summit without the live presentations or seminars.

What is a Solo Email?
+ -

A solo email is one you send to your subscribers that talks only about the giveaway event.

For example, if you currently send a weekly newsletter to your subscriber list, the solo email can be one of those newsletters, but the content can only be about the giveaway event.

What can I offer as a gift?
+ -

Here are just a few suggestions: guides, training webinars, mini-courses, live trainings, workbooks, templates, and ebooks.

If you're unsure if about your gift, you can contact me at with your questions.

What if I don't have anything to offer that's worth at least $100?
+ -

You can bundle several items (gifts) together or offer a live Q&A session or workshop in addition to your gift to reach the minimum $100 or more gift value.

You can also make something new for the event!

Is my gift is given to one lucky person or does everyone that fills out my opt-in page get to grab my gift?
+ -

The answer is the latter. Everyone that opts-in for your gift will be lucky enough to get it!

The amazing thing is if your gift is hugely popular, your subscriber list will grow that much!

Will I get the emails of everyone that signs up for the giveaway?
+ -

For some very good reasons, we don't do this.

  1. It's spammy. Imagine this. You're a health or wellness coach and you sign up for the giveaway. You see a few gifts you like and opt-in for them. Then... all of a sudden you start getting emails from all the contributors. Ugh, right? We want this to be a helpful, positive event for our audience and don't want them walking away from it with a bad taste in their mouth.
  2. You want qualified leads who like what you have to offer. That's why you you're doing this, right? When you get everyone's email address, you'll also get people who aren't right for you and your business.